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  • Take a Pledge to Support Math 4 Life!

    Posted by Don Spence on 4/30/2019

    Take a Pledge to Support Math4Life!

    I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about an exciting and innovative effort introduced by our state and county called “math4life.” What is West Virginia math4life? It is a comprehensive and intensive statewide effort to improve student mathematics performance throughout the state over the next five years. The WVDE seeks to work with counties and schools throughout the state to institute best practices, challenging pedagogy, and student engagement strategies to improve students’ mathematics achievement.

    Mingo County is currently training teachers and attending many professional development opportunities to help support this most worthwhile initiative. It is our belief that if we approach Math with an open mind, celebrate mistakes as an opportunity to grow, and be confident in the work of trying to understand Math we can all realize an improvement in Mathematical performance.

    Photo of Superintendent Spence participating in a learning activity.

    Pictured above: Superintendent Spence participating in a learning activity at a Math4Life conference.

    Families can get involved in math4life!

    Parents and families are in integral part in the math4life initiative. Your beliefs and attitudes toward mathematics make a dramatic difference in how your child approaches math. Be a positive influence in your child’s education by encouraging their growing understanding of mathematics.

    Every day, your child sees numbers that must be understood. In order to make sense of numbers seen daily, it is important to understand math. Math does not happen only in school. Math is everywhere. We see it every day, in everything we do. Math skills that help build the understanding of people who want to become scientists, doctors, and engineers are the very same skills that help your child make sense of the world around them. Make math REAL and meaningful by pointing it out in the world around you:

    • Newspaper: statistics (especially sports!), graphs, charts, surveys
    • Banking: interest rates, stock market, paying bills
    • Shopping: unit rate, sales tax, coupons, sale price, better deal
    • Cooking: measuring, doubling, halving, time
    • Building: measuring, geometry, cost of materials
    • Estimating: EVERYTHING
    • Playing games: board games, card games, puzzles, logic problems, and brain teasers

    Other ways to help your child with math may be found at website linked below:



    *Thank you for supporting “math4life”

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  • The Superintendent Shares Information about the Excess Levy

    Posted by Superintendent Don Spence on 10/17/2018 8:45:00 AM

    Superintendent Spence Shares Information about the Levy

    Click here to view/download Levy Information document

    I would like to take this opportunity to share some facts about the Mingo County School Excess Levy. 

    The School Excess Levy Election is on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. 

    The Board of Education is running the excess levy election in conjunction with the regular general election in lieu of running a special election in 2018/19, saving the taxpayers approximately $60,000. 

    Polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. through 7:30 p.m. on election day. Absentee ballots can be mailed and must be postmarked by November 6, 2018. Early voting at the County Clerk’s office may also be utilized. 

    Is this a new tax? 

    No. Mingo County has supported the school excess levy since 1964, renewing the measure every five years. The current special levy expires in June 2019. The levy on the November election ballot will only sustain the expiring levy to provide school funding for the next five years, impacting educational programs in the community and at all 10 schools: 

    -Dingess Elementary 

    -Kermit PK8 

    -Lenore PK8 

    -Burch PK8 

    -Williamson PK8 

    -Matewan PK8 

    -Gilbert PK8 

    -Mingo Extended Learning Center 

    -Mingo Central High School 

    -Tug Valley High School 

    What is the Mingo County School Excess Levy? 

    Approximately 4,200 students are enrolled in Mingo County Schools. All programs and all students are impacted by special levy dollars. 

    State allocations and federal funding provide only a portion of the total dollars needed to operate public schools. Local funding through special levies makes up the shortfall. In Mingo County this is approximately 15% of our general current expense budget. 

    Again, the Mingo County school excess levy has been in effect since July 1, 1964 (almost 55 years) and must be approved by voters every 5 years. The current levy expires in June 2019. 

    The school excess levy allows the continuation of services including the purchase of instructional materials and educational technology resources; school allotments and supplies; funding for extended year; funding for school athletic programs including insurance for all participating students; community support for local agencies; employment of necessary personnel outside the school aide formula to meet the needs of students and maintain employee benefits; capital improvements including repair and maintenance of buildings and utilities. Most importantly, levy funds help our school system meet the demands of preparing our children for success in life and the work place. 


    What Happens if the Excess Levy Does Not Pass? 

    The Mingo County Board of Education would be confronted with making difficult choices regarding our county’s educational programs and services if the excess levy is not passed. 

    These choices could involve limiting the purchase of new textbooks and supplies; curtailing extra-curricular activities; eliminating support to local organizations and agencies; reducing personnel and eliminating benefits necessary to attract and maintain qualified staff. Ultimately, the school board would be forced to reduce programs and services in order to offset a 15% (6 million dollar) reduction in the school system’s general current expense budget. 

    The Excess Levy Supports 

    • Free textbooks, school equipment, instructional equipment and instructional supplies for all students, including technology services to install and maintain equipment for all schools. 
    • Additional educational opportunities for students 
    • Supplies and equipment for students and schools 
    • Band and choral programs 
    • Repairs/maintenance, safety and security measures for schools 
    • Community services  
    • Athletics/sports 
    • Employee/supplements and benefits 
    • Improvement of facilities  

    ** I would like for all Mingo County voters to respectfully consider this information when they cast their ballots on November 6, 2018. 

    Thank You 

    Mr. Donald Spence, Superintendent of Mingo County Schools

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