• What does it mean to be a part of Junior BETA at Williamson PK8?

    Members of the Junior BETA club at Williamson PK8 are held to a high standard academically and in a leadership capacity.  This includes, but isn't limited to, how they behave in the classroom, whether or not the student is consistent in their positive actions (helping others, following school and classroom rules, etc.), and the impression the student has made on their past instructors.



    The following is the criteria for students becoming BETA members:

    1. 3.0 GPA

    2. Less than 2 violations on WEVIS 

    3. Less than 5 unexcused absences

    4. No grade lower than a C (70% on the new grading scale)

    5. Previous teachers' recommendation

    (If the student's previous teacher does not recommend them, then the student will not be admitted into BETA that year.  This provides the student the opportunity to work on those behaviors that may have prevented them from joining so that they may join the next year.)

    6. BETA Sponsor/Administration has final review


    Please check out what the National BETA Club website has to say about sevice, leadership, achievement, and character.