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  • Band Newsletter September 2018
    The music year has begun and I am very excited about the WPK8 Concert Band this year. We have just about 30 students signed up for a band class this year and they are all thrilled to begin/continue learning instrumental music.

    Instruments: Students have started taking their instruments home to practice. This is great! I do ask that you watch carefully how they are handling the instruments. They are very expensive to repair/replace, even if it is an accident.

    Instrument Care: Please remind your student to wash out their mouthpieces at last once a week with just warm water and a small amount of hand soap. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. This will keep everything clean and sanitary. Watch out for corks on the clarinets and saxophones. Please do not get those wet, but anything metal or plastic may be washed out. 

    Woodwinds: If your student is playing clarinet or saxophone, please remind them to take extra care with their reeds. Each reed has it's own case and needs to carefully be taken out and put back properly to prevent chipping/breaking. I have provided each student with at least 2 reeds. If you are interested in buying more, I recommend the Rico or Vandoren brands (size 2 or 2.5; I do not recommend any other size for beginners; 8th grade veteran band members may try out size 3). These are available for purchase at local music stores or online. Woodwind and Brasswind
    Brass: If your student plays trumpet, trombone, baritone or tuba and is interested in cleaning their instrument, the entire instrument may soak in a warm water bath (no soap) for only 5 minutes and then wipe clean with cloth. Keep out of case for at least 2-3 hours to help dry.

    T-shirts: We have Concert Band t-shirts available for purchase. They are $10 each (or $12 for 2X and higher) and your student will be given their shirt soon. Please let me know if you have any questions about this. I do understand finances are tight for some and if this is the case, write me a note. I want every student to have a shirt before our first performance (see below).

    *Our first performance is coming up very soon. The WMS football team is having their homecoming game on Thursday, September 20 at 7pm. Please start making plans to be at the Field House in West Williamson no later than 6:45pm that evening. We will hopefully have 2-3 songs to play by this time. I will send home notes about this next week. 
    *Our second performance is coming up soon. All Mingo County band programs that feeder to Mingo Central High School have been asked by Mr. Soltesz to come join them in a marching band experience. Included in this experience is 1) ride to MCHS at the end of school, 2) practice music/formation on the field, 3) dinner and 4) free admission to the MCHS football game. **There will be a bus returning to WPK8 after the game.** This opportunity is a great way for students, especially 8th graders, to meet Mr. Soltesz, meet the high school band students and find out what high school band is all about. The game is scheduled for Friday, October 26, 2018. More information to come as we get closer. Please start making plans now to make sure your band member is available to participate in this event as it is part of their performance grade. **If your student has not turned in the proper paperwork for the random drug testing policy, your student is not allowed to participate these activities.**
    If you have any questions, please let me know. E-mail is the easiest way to reach me, but I am also available at school from 1:30-2:00pm everyday.
     Thank you for your support of these new musicians and I look forward to a wonderful year!!
    Musically yours,

    Deidre Marshall, Music Teacher