• Matewan PK-8 Department of Music

    Welcome to the Matewan PK-8 Department of Music. I am Mr. Brown, and this is my second year at Matewan PK-8. My page is designed to keep you up to date on what is occuring in the music department. This may include performances, and performance information. I try to also keep infromational letters stored on here as a backup in the event they were misplaced. Here at Matewan, I try to enagage each student with music by allowing them to attempt many performance based activites (singing, playing an instrument, clapping), then use our concert's as a showcase. The big addition to the music program is the Matewan Tiger Band. I have band only section where students and parents can access materials needed for our performances, or additional links to recordings of the literature we are performing. On my section, I like to provide audio recordings of performances that both the students and parents can listen to. 

    Typically, the music department puts on two programs, The Veterans Day Program and The Christmas Concert. However, I am trying to add more performances. I know that in the Spring Semester, we will attend Arts Alive @ Mingo Central in some of my classes. I am also organizing a spring talent show opened to all students who wish to perform. 

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