• Academic Links For Parents and Students


    College Foundation of West Virginia - a website that provides guidance for WV students regarding post secondary education in all it's forms, including financial aid and savings plans!

    ACT Prep - Test prep for Parents and Students

    Profoundly Disconnected - Mike Rowe's Foundation to promote careers that students may not think of as options but are well paying jobs.


    Personal Assistance

    We understand that our school may not provide all the services you need, despite our best efforts.  Links to local resources can be found here.

    Below are links to sites that may be of some use to you if you or your student find they need additional guidance or help.


    STOMP Out Bullying - contains resources for parents, students, and educators; includes a free help chat line for teens 13 or older

    Stop Bullying - goverment website that includes help for parents, students, and educators; includes state bullying laws 

    Suicide Prevention Hotline - National Suicide Prevention Hotline provides free and confidential support