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TVHS BETA 2018 Results



Best of Show Overall Division I ArtBrooklyn Farley


1st in Math Cassidy Griffey

1st in Social Studies Ethan Colegrove

1st in Photography Brooklyn Farley

1st in Drawing Karlie Carter

1st in Painting Makayla McMillian

1st in Mixed Media Hannah Dempsey

1st in Fiber Arts Haylee Workman

1st in Woodworking Laken Jones


2nd in Spanish Canaan Varney

2nd in Jewelry Alisha Varney

2nd place Campaign Skit


3rd in English Abby Kozee

3rd in Speech Kaylee Fitzpatrick

3rd in Photography Abbie Spence

3rd in Sculpture Div. I Cassidy Griffey

3rd in Recyclable Olivia Davis

3rd in Sculpture Div. II Tyler Curtis

3rd in 2D Design Emily Adkins

3rd place Group Talent

3rd place Living Literature

3rd Place Freshman Problem Solving