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GSA Honorees October 18, 2018

For the past several years, Mingo County Schools has recognized students scoring at the highest level on the state assessment.  Last year, schools throughout the state participated in WV General Summative Assessment for students in grades 3-8 while 11th grade students participated in the SAT School Day.   

During last years’ assessment, 160 students across Mingo County scored at the highest level in Reading/Language Arts and Math.  This number is up from 150 students the previous year.  Because of the dedication and hard work of our administrators, teachers, and students, Mingo County Schools has continued to make great strides in testing.   

Students from Dingess, Kermit PK8, Lenore PK8, and Tug Valley High School were recognized on October 18, 2018 at a Board of Education Meeting held at Dingess Elementary School for their outstanding accomplishments on the WV General Summative Assessment and SAT School Day: 

Dingess Elementary Linsie Hall; Jayden Hannah; Chase Grubb; Braydan Wilburn  

Kermit PK8 Benjamin Brumfield; Eli Kelly; Nataleigh Kirk; Jackson Pauley; Benjamin Salmons; Gabriella Brewer; Barrett Browning; Allison Fields; Alyson Marcum; Kaeleb Baisden; Brady Brewer; Hayden Brumfield; Connar Gillman; Joseph Smith; Savannah Workman; McKynnli Farley; Ethan Howard 

Lenore PK8 Kailyn Church; Payton Moore; Autumn Evans; Bailee Hall; Brennan Hall; Joshua Copley; Kauai Messer; Brock Phillips; Zachary Hall; Conner Lackey; Christian Mullins; Tailyn Russell; Kristin Fields; Braydan Goff; Raeanna Hill 

Tug Valley HS (Students who were 8th graders when they took the assessment) Makayla Canterbury – LPK8; Cassidy Griffey – WPK8; Autumn Hall – LPK8; Emily Hatfield – LPK8; Amber Hill – LPK8; Haskel Horn – KPK8; Trinity Horn – KPK8; David Jarvis – LPK8; Kyra Justice – WPK8; Matthew Linville – KPK8; Joseph Maynard – KPK8; Lucas Sheppard – LPK8 

Tug Valley HS (Students who were 11th grade when taking the SAT) Payton Fitchpatrick; Dustin Jarvis; Harry Marcum