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TO: High School Juniors

FROM: Sherry Keffer, coordinator

Governor’s Schools

RE: Governor’s Honors Academy

DATE: December 20, 2018



Do I ever have news for you! You may be eligible to spend three weeks on the canpus of Marshall University, June 30-July 20, and it is free. The West Virginia Goverenor’s Honors Academy offers *qualifying students a three-week, life-changing opportunity. Students will live in well chaperoned residence halls on campus and have meals in the school dining hall and they mnay even get their names thrown in the hat for some scholarships..

Classes (you’ll take two daily) are fun, discussions are thoughtful and thought-provoking, and the time spent with 169 other students who are proven scholars will open your eyes to other ways of thinking.

We will invite 170 students, including 15 career/technical students to attend this year. Each county superintendent has the privilege of selecting two students to attend and nominating several more for the statewide pool.. Those nominated for the statewide pool will be considered for the extra slots.

GHA is about learning in a safe environment. It’s also about exciting field trips and hilarious activities provided by the RAs and faculty. More than anything else you learn, we hope you will learn to appreciate yourself and the world around you.

It may seem that three weeks is a long time, but we have found through the years that a lifelong community of learners is formed during that short time. Students find college roommates, new best friends, and a connection to other West Virginians. Talk with other students who have attended, and ask your guidance counselor as well. In addition, you may email me at if, after reading through the website, you have unanswered questions. To find more about GHA, visit the website: and feel the draft as doors begin to open!

Thanks to your guidance counselor and technology, we are able to contact each of you individually, and we hope that many of you take advantage of the opportunity.

Financed through funding by the legislature and Marshall University, the West Virginia Governor’s Honors Academy is sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Education.


*GHA candidates must have a minimun 3.5 GPA or be in the top 10% of the junior class.


You must visit to complete the application. All applications must be received by Mrs. Jewell no later than 3:00 pm on January 18, 2019.