Information Released Regarding Grading Procedures During COVID-19 Closure

Information Released Regarding Grading Procedures During COVID-19 Closure


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April 9, 2020 

The WVDE task force, which included representation from Mingo County, has released several COVID-19 -Closure guidance pieces regarding distance learning, grading, credit recovery, and much more. One part of the guidance recommends that a student’s final grade not be diminished by submissions, non-submissions, and/or performance of/on NTI assignments. The completed and graded NTI work can, however, enhance a student’s final grade. The consensus among the Districts was the final 3rd nine-weeks grade would be the minimum grade a student could receive for the 4th nine-weeks or for the 2nd semester. 

Mingo County will follow these guidelines in determining grades during the COVID-19 closure: 

  • The final 3rd quarter (nine-weeks) grade for each student will be the Base Grade for the 4th quarter, entered in LiveGrades as an assignment named “Base Grade”. 
  • NTI assignments that are submitted and graded will be also be entered in LiveGrades, as full credit assignments. 
  • No NTI graded assignment can receive a value of less than the student’s Base Grade (3rd quarter grade). 
  • For example, if a student received 88% as a Base Grade, which would have been the same as the final 3rd nine-weeks grade, no NTI activity can be graded lower than 88%. 
  • This is to comply with state guidance that the NTI work during the COVID-19 closure can only enhance a student’s grade but not diminish the student’s grade. 
  • Grades that may have been entered in the 4th quarter, prior to April 10, are to be adjusted to at least the same value as the Base Grade. 
  • The Base Grade and all submitted/graded NTI assignments will be averaged by LiveGrades for the final 4th quarter grade. 
  • For High School students, the final 4th quarter grade will also be the grade value for the 2nd Semester test. 
  • Non-submitted NTI assignments will not receive any entered value, including “0”, “M”, or “E” (zero, missing, excused). Blank spaces will not calculate adversely toward the student’s final grade. 

There could be several possible reasons students may not submit, or even be able to submit NTI assignments during the COVID-19 closure. Those students will be given through the end of the third full week of our return to school, whether this year or next, to submit assignments. If students don’t return until the new school year, the assigning teachers will grade the work and recalculate the previous final grade and submit to the office for a grade change on WVEIS.