• Register Now for Summer School to Recover Credits. "At Home" sessions begin June 3.


    Tug Valley Summer School Registration


    Mingo Central Summer School Registration


    The summer school session for high schools will begin on June 3, and will continue through June 30. If your high school student has failing average grades for any course, they may recover their credit in the summer session. Summer school will be conducted in a distance learning, or "at home" format, with students completing credit recovery courses from home. Teachers will be available every day for tutoring and to answer questions. To avoid repeating classes, parent should register students on our online form, which can be accessed at Please complete the form before June 3. Late registrations will be accepted, but students should register prior to the start date to ensure having time to complete courses.

    Special Summer School laptops have been prepared for our students and can be picked up at the school on June 3, from 8am-12pm. All testing must be completed on these devices to ensure security.

    Hours: Students will log in to a team meeting each day from 8am-12pm. Instructions will be provided for accessing and completing coursework, as well as for testing, when students pick up their summer computers. Any outstanding device should be returned at this time.

    Please note: Summer school will not be in session for June 9 (Election Day) or June 19 (West Virginia Day).


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  • Mingo County Summer Feeding Program Begins

    June 3, 2020


    Mingo County School District will be conducting Summer Feeding for 2020. The District needs to get an accurate count of 5-day meals kits at each site.

    Each family should complete the linked form as soon as possible to sign up their child (children) for meals by logging on to Mingo County Schools website. (below is a link to the form to complete).


    The kits will be available for school-aged children up to the age of eighteen (18). Beginning June 3, the time for pick-up will be 12:00 Noon to 1:30 pm at the following locations:

               Lenore K8

              Mingo Central High School

    For the safety of all, no one will be permitted to exit any vehicle on school property. Meals will be passed through the vehicle's window. We apreciate your compliance with safety measures and thank you for your patience.

     We appreciate you and hope this program helps your family during the summer season.

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  • New Information Released for Graduation and Senior Activities

    image class of 2020

    Mingo County Schools releases the following update regarding senior class and graduation activities for Mingo Central and Tug Valley High Schools.



    Two summer dates have been set for each high school’s graduation ceremony. These dates are as follows:

    • Friday, June 26 - Tug Valley High School
    • Monday, June 29- Mingo Central High School

    If social distancing and crowd size guidelines prohibit a ceremony to which students and families may attend, the ceremony will be moved to the second set of dates:

    • Friday, July 17- Mingo Central High School
    • Saturday, July 18, Tug Valley High School

    If the July dates are used, an in-person graduation SHALL BE HELD to the extent allowed by the guidelines in effect at that time, even if the event has to be configured to have groups of students and families rotating through the ceremony to stay within the mandated gathering size.


    Cap and Gown Photo/Video Session

    The cap and gown photo/video session for each school will be held the week of May 26-29.  Students will be filmed and photographed walking across a decorated stage. The photos and videos will be used for a television broadcast celebrating the graduates, to be aired later in the summer on Fox 11/ WCHS TV, following the in-person graduation ceremonies, whether held in June or July.  EACH GRADUATE WILL BE PERMITTED FOUR FAMILY GUESTS at the cap and gown photo/ video session. All participants are expected to follow the social distancing measures made at each school location. Graduates, at this time, will also pick up a packet containing any awards and shall return school books, computers, and other school property.


    Senior Awards Virtual Program

    A special program will be presented on a web-based platform, showing a picture of each senior and a listing of awards or scholarships they received.

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  • New Pandemic Relief Food Assistance Benefit for All Mingo Students.

    Make sure your contact information is up-to-date.

    WV P EBT Program

    All Mingo County Schools' students will be receiving a food benefit by mid-June to offset the financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  A Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) card will be mailed to families of our students to help cover food costs during the summer. The card will be pre-loaded with $313 per student in the household and will be mailed to the student's address on file at your child’s/children’s school(s).  This card can be used at any location SNAP EBT cards are accepted.


    It is CRITICAL to make certain that you provide any new address information for your child in order to receive the P-EBT card.  You can do so by completing the form provided on this link. You must be the custodial parent/guardian to submit an update form. If you have more than four students in your household, you may complete and submit a second form for any additional students. All submissions must be made by May 15, 2020. Click this link to update your student/family contact information.


    Please note: Families who currently receive SNAP benefits will have the $313 per student automatically added to their SNAP EBT cards.  

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    The B.O.E. meeting for Tuesday, May 19, 2020 will begin at 5 p.m. The meeting will be audiostreamed. Access audio by clicking the link below. You will be taken to the media page for the meeting.


    Or access the audio site by clicking here.


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  • Information Released Regarding Grading Procedures During COVID-19 Closure


    image of report card

     Click here to view the complete document.

    April 9, 2020 

    The WVDE task force, which included representation from Mingo County, has released several COVID-19 -Closure guidance pieces regarding distance learning, grading, credit recovery, and much more. One part of the guidance recommends that a student’s final grade not be diminished by submissions, non-submissions, and/or performance of/on NTI assignments. The completed and graded NTI work can, however, enhance a student’s final grade. The consensus among the Districts was the final 3rd nine-weeks grade would be the minimum grade a student could receive for the 4th nine-weeks or for the 2nd semester. 

    Mingo County will follow these guidelines in determining grades during the COVID-19 closure: 

    • The final 3rd quarter (nine-weeks) grade for each student will be the Base Grade for the 4th quarter, entered in LiveGrades as an assignment named “Base Grade”. 
    • NTI assignments that are submitted and graded will be also be entered in LiveGrades, as full credit assignments. 
    • No NTI graded assignment can receive a value of less than the student’s Base Grade (3rd quarter grade). 
    • For example, if a student received 88% as a Base Grade, which would have been the same as the final 3rd nine-weeks grade, no NTI activity can be graded lower than 88%. 
    • This is to comply with state guidance that the NTI work during the COVID-19 closure can only enhance a student’s grade but not diminish the student’s grade. 
    • Grades that may have been entered in the 4th quarter, prior to April 10, are to be adjusted to at least the same value as the Base Grade. 
    • The Base Grade and all submitted/graded NTI assignments will be averaged by LiveGrades for the final 4th quarter grade. 
    • For High School students, the final 4th quarter grade will also be the grade value for the 2nd Semester test. 
    • Non-submitted NTI assignments will not receive any entered value, including “0”, “M”, or “E” (zero, missing, excused). Blank spaces will not calculate adversely toward the student’s final grade. 

    There could be several possible reasons students may not submit, or even be able to submit NTI assignments during the COVID-19 closure. Those students will be given through the end of the third full week of our return to school, whether this year or next, to submit assignments. If students don’t return until the new school year, the assigning teachers will grade the work and recalculate the previous final grade and submit to the office for a grade change on WVEIS. 

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  • grab and go lunch and breakfast

    5-Day Meal Packages Now Distributed on Wednesdays

    Weekly food distribution for students will continue each Wednesday from 12-1pm. Five-day meal packages will be available for curbside pick-up at the following schools:

    • Burch PK8
    • Dingess Elementary
    • Gilbert PK8
    • Kermit PK8
    • Lenore PK8
    • Matewan PK8
    • Williamson PK8

    Pick-up will be curb side. For the safety of all, no one will be permitted to exit any vehicle on school property. Volunteers will go to each vehicle and ask for the total number of students to be served. Meals will be passed through the vehicle's window. We appreciate your compliance with safety measures and thank you for your patience.

    Important Note

    The District will monitor the availability of employees and other resources and may adjust service methods and schedules as appropriate. Staff volunteers are welcome in small numbers to comply with safety recommendations from local, state and federal health agencies. Principals will coordinate volunteer staff.

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  • COVID-19 MONDAY Update 3/23/20

    COVID-19 Graphic

    Click here to read the full update.


    This bulletin is the latest information regarding the school closure in Mingo County as part of the statewide closure issued by Governor Justice on Friday, March 13, 2020 and reflects the latest recommendations from Federal and state government.  This update has been prepared with guidance from the West Virginia Department of Education, the Office of the Governor and with guidelines of the CDC and the President’s Task Force. These are extraordinary days, causing concern and uncertainty among all our District employees and our students and families. We must work to protect the safety and well-being of all. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work together to provide learning and support during this time. Also, please remember to practice the recommended precautions of social distancing and hygiene measures and use keen judgement to protect against contracting or spreading any illness. 

    Click here to read the full update.

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  • Mingo County School Calendar



    This calendar has been approved by the Mingo County Board of Education and has been submitted to the West Virginia Department of Education for final approval.

    Click here to view 2020-2021 calendar

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  • Mingo County Schools and Mingo County Health Department Monitor the Global Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Click Here to view entire document.

    Mingo County Schools is collaborating and working with the Mingo County Health Department, the West Virginia Department of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   Although there have been no confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our area or in West Virginia, we want to provide information about how Mingo County Schools is monitoring this issue.

    Click Here to view entire document.

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