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Fifth Grade

Helping Your Fifth Grader Learn Outside of School


1. Use everyday objects to allow your child to explore the concept of fractions. For example, have your child divide a candy bar (or a healthy snack) between three people. Ask, “How much does each person receive?” (Each person would receive 1⁄3). Suppose there are three candy bars that you plan to share with two friends. Have your child describe the amount that each person will receive. 

2. Have your child explain how to write fractions in different ways. For example, what are some different ways to write 4⁄3 ? He or she could answer 4÷3, 1 1⁄3, 2⁄3 + 2⁄3, 2 x 2⁄3, 8⁄6, 4x1⁄3 , etc. 

3. Ask your child to give you a fraction equal to a decimal. For example, what are two fractions that can be used to represent 0.6? Answers could include 6⁄10, 60⁄100, 12⁄20 , or 3⁄5.

4. Encourage your child to stick with it whenever a problem seems difficult. This will help your child see that everyone can learn math.

5. Praise your child when he or she makes an effort and share in the excitement when he or she solves a problem or understands something for the first time.