• Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is the HSEA Test?

    The High School Equivalency Assessment is a product of CTB. The State of West Virginia implemented the HSEA (previously the TASC) test to verify that examinees have knowledge in core content areas equivalent to that of graduating high school students.  The test provides high school equivalency scores and assesses college and career readiness.

    What are the subtests on the HSEA?

    Language Arts, Writing
    Language Arts, Reading
    Social Studies

    How much does the HSEA cost?

    There is no cost to take the test.

    Where can I study for the HSEA test?

    Adult Basic Education (ABE) is taught at Southern West Virginia Community & Technical College (SWVCTC) room 231 Williamson Campus 1601 Armory Drive, Williamson WV 25661.Telephone number is 304-235-2022.

    Or visit http://wvde.state.wv.us/abe/TASC_info.html for a site near you.

    Who is eligible to take the HSEA test?

    Adults (18 yrs old) not currently enrolled in high school and individual did not graduate from high school.

    Option Pathways candidates must be at least 16 years of age to be admitted to the Option Pathways Program through Tug Valley or Mingo Central High School.
    There are specific guidelines for 16, 17, and 18 year-old individuals who wish to test.

    ·         All candidates must pass the HSEA Readiness Assessment (TRA) and meet additional testing criteria before they are recommended to sit for the Official HSEA test.  Your local Adult Basic Education teacher will explain the testing requirements.

    Where is the HSEA test given?

    The HSEA test is given at the Mingo Extended Learning Center, 165 Bulldog Blvd, Delbarton, WV 25670.

    Is there a limit to how many times an individual may test?

    No, but there are a limited number of test forms, so student may not retest on any subject unless they have waited a minimum of 30 days after they failed a particular section before they may take their TRA again for that subject. Please work with the ABE instructor to improve skills necessary to be able to pass this test before you repeat the TRA. Once the TRA has been passed the student may be scheduled for the next available HSEA test. 

    Do individuals who have already passed some of the current GED® or TASC subtests need to retake them on the TASC?

    Not this year (2014). Individuals are granted a grace period until December 31 of 2014 to complete their assessment using a combination of GED® and TASC scores. However, beginning in 2015, GED® scores will no longer be valid in WV.

    What if someone fails a subtest on the TASC test?

    Up to two retakes on each subtest can be taken at no charge in a calendar year.  The person will need to wait 30 days before retesting.

    What is the highest score an individual can earn on each TASC subtest?

    The maximum score is 800.

    What is the passing score for each of the TASC subtests?

    The passing score is 500 on each subtest.

    Will the TASC test scores be accepted by colleges or recognized by employers in other states?

    The TASC Test is not a certification. The WV Department of Education issues a High School Equivalency Diploma based on the TASC score. It is accepted as any other high school diploma by institutions of higher education.

    Does CTB/McGraw-Hill have a free TASC practice test available?

    Yes, there are free test item samplers on http://www.tasctest.com/resources.html

    What are the test formats and accommodations for WV?

    Three new TASC forms each year, written in both English and Spanish.
    Test formats include: Online and Paper and pencil (accommodation version)
    Accommodations: Paper and pencil, Large print and Braille