• The pride of TVHS, the Tug Valley Band, meets 8th period and is a four-year, comprehensive instrumental music program. The program expands on concepts such as notation reading, ensemble practicum, and performance practice to provide a rigorous, yet supportive environment for students to express themselves musically and grow into better musicians. Students in this group often pursue other related projects alone or in groups, such as forming a rock combo, auditioning for the WV All-State Band, or playing solo or in a small group for the Solo and Ensemble Festival at Marshall University. Support and tutoring is available for many of these endeavors as time and resources allow.

    The group and those that are generated from it are operated as a semi-professional group, similar to a community band, and perform frequently throughout the year. Some examples of performances include: school football games (home and away), parades, performing Christmas music at both the South Side Mall in Williamson and Town Center Mall in Charleston, and our annual winter and spring concerts at TVHS. Students who are in the band all four years of their high school career are considered "completers" of the program, and are awarded a cord for graduation.

    Being in the band is very intensive and quite a commitment, but the reward of a lifelong skill that can better our community with the beauty of music is more than worth it!